Exquisite taste over 70 years

Café Manolín is a Creole food restaurant established on Calle San Justo in Old San Juan more than 70 years ago. Its founder and first owner were Don Ernesto Ruíz, who later sold it to his brother Manolín Ruíz. In 1987, Café Manolín was purchased by the current owners, Annie Rivera and Tomás J. Molina, who continued to operate it in the original premises. Fifteen years later, they acquired a building on Calle San Justo # 251 with facilities and a much larger area, where the restaurant operations were transferred.

About Us

Café Manolín is an institution recognized for offering its regular customers a family atmosphere and reasonable prices. In Manolín, residents of Old San Juan, San Juan employees, professionals, heads of government as well as tourists from inside and outside Puerto Rico meet to enjoy its exquisite food and good service.

The restaurant is open seven days a week, offering a varied Creole menu. On Mondays, the typical sancocho stands out to recover from the weekend. On Fridays, a cod and pork serenade is served accompanied by rice with pigeon peas.
Homemade desserts are a sweet treat. The traditional 'strained coffee' cafeteria is also preserved so that the clientele, who so wish, can savor a coffee in the style of their grandmother without forgetting the espresso, for the most demanding or those who prefer it.
Café Manolín has been recognized with the certificate of excellence0 granted by Trip Advisor. The secret of Café Manolín Viejo San Juan, going out and Service and Good Prices! Dress up at our premises from Monday to Sunday for breakfast and lunch on Calle San Justo in Old San Juan.

A mask is required for admission
we have prevention measures